Saturday, July 10, 2010

Elk Meadow - Meadow View Loop - Easy

With a big day on Pikes Peak planned for Sunday, I opted to take it very easy today with a leisurely jog on the Meadow View Loop at JeffCo's Elk Meadow Open Space.

Time:  1:06
Distance: 5.86 miles
Effort: Way Easy
Body: Good
Weather: Cloudy and cool

Took the camera on this run with the intent of pausing regularly to capture the Meadow View loop for posterity (and future blog posts). As a bonus, the regular photography stops forced me to take it very easy, which I often have a hard time doing on my home turf trails.

Stopped to chat for a while at one point with a guy jogging in Five Fingers. The "shoes" haven't cured all his running aches, he said, but he did feel like they had helped him improve his running form. Interesting discussion and perspective.

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