Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Green Mountain - PR

Time:  1:05
Distance: 5.05 miles
Effort: Hard
Body: Good-ish
Weather: Cloudy and warm

Late afternoon run up Boulder's Green Mountain. I saw this morning that Brandon had made a couple of good showings on the mountain last week, including one up the backside of the mountain, so I figured it was time to give it a go myself.

Hit the watch at the Gregory Canyon trailhead sign and started the climb. Didn't feel very peppy, just chugging along, but felt like I had enough to put in a solid effort. I hit the ranger cabin in 16:33 and kept it up.  I managed to cruise steady up Ranger and through the switchbacks up to the four-way. Hit the split at the four-way - 35:20. 

I ran hard from the four-way through the flat-ish section and then started the hands-on-knees step-ups to the summit. Panting like a dog, I climbed the summit rock, tagged the marker and hit the split - 38:47 - a personal PR.

I should note that with all due respect to JV, I definitely didn't stop to do trail maintenance or wait on my dog on the way up. Going sub-40 required my full attention.

With that effort, I knocked 2:15 off my PR for this route.

Came down the frontside via the usual route. Saw Paul silently and seemingly effortlessly gliding up Ampi, well shod in Five Fingers as usual.

2,308 feet of elevation gain.


  1. Damn you. Always having to lower the bar. I must return! Feels great to be sub-40 though!

  2. He did that to me with Bergen Pk the other day. Gonna have to try and fix that soon....

    I need to get up that way someday to see what this Green Mtn nonesense is all about. Sounds like a killer workout....

  3. Ain't the blog world cool? Schedules may not allow you to run together too often, but you can still push each other.