Friday, November 20, 2009

Thursday, November 19 - Sanitas - Linden Loop

Run: Work - Sanitas - Linden Avenue
Time: 1:36
Distance: 10.31 miles
Effort: Moderate
Body: Very Good
Weather: Chilly, Sunny

After three days of business travel and little time to run, I was eager to get out for a few miles this afternoon. Headed out from work and decided to hit Mt. Sanitas.

Got to the base of the mountain feeling pretty good. Decided to try a different tactic today...head out slowish, run steady and avoid entering the red zone. Felt great the whole way up. Ran many of the sections I typically speed hike. Just motoring up...steady. Was convinced I was going to hit the summit in the low 19s. Hit the top, instead, in 20:17. (Didn't check the split until I got back to the office. I was surprised it was that slow. Still...felt great.)

From the top of Sanitas, I headed north off the summit and followed the ridge line for a bit looking for the trail that would take me around the slopes facing Sunshine Canyon. Missed the trail and ended up bushwhacking for a bit until I hit a well-used and well-maintained trail that led me up to a neighborhood up off Linden Avenue. I made my way from Alder Lane to Pine Tree Lane to Timber Lane (so many lanes, so little time...)and, finally, to Linden Avenue. Headed back to Mapleton via Fourth Street and then pretty much retraced my steps back to the office.

This was a great run. Legs felt great. Body moving well. Couldn't have asked for a better run. Heck, I even covered some new trails and roads. Can't beat that.


  1. I find that trail a bit challenging to find from the top ... as the trail is not really easily seen up there, but is clearer coming up from Sunshine Canyon. Its steep!

  2. Exactly my experience. I've run the trail up from Sunshine and thought it was easy to follow from that direction. Figured I'd stumble across it from the top...wrong! Still, there's a bunch of land up there I've yet to explore. Will make some pilgrimages up there this spring/summer. Gotta try the Elliot's "Lindens" hill intervals you referenced a while back, too.