Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday, November 20 - Elk Meadow Loop

Run: Elk Meadow Dog Park/Open Space Loop
Time: 1:04
Distance: 6.8 miles
Effort: Way Easy
Body: Fair
Weather: A Bit Chilly, Sunny

Very easy run to and through Elk Meadow Open Space, entering from Quarterhorse Road and winding through the dog park parcel, across Stagecoach Road and then running Meadow View - Founder's - Painter's Pause before leaving the park and taking the roads back home.

Today was very much a recovery run. Stayed up way late last night. The lack of sleep, plus the hard run yesterday, left me feeling pretty worked today. My goal today was just to run easy. Put on the heart rate monitor strap today and decided to aim for an average heart rate for the run of less than 140. Came in just under with an average heart rate of 139 with an average pace of 9:31 and 960 feet of elevation gain.

Can't remember the last time, save for a weekend long run, when I took it that easy. It was kinda nice, but a bit boring. Lots of snow on the trail today, too.

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