Saturday, December 11, 2010

Congratulations and Still Laid Up

I'm still laying up, resting the plantar and lower ab.  16 days...but, who's counting? I'm going to get out tomorrow for a few miles.  Been inspired by a local guy's performance back East.

Patrick Garcia ran a hell of a race in this weekend's Hellgate 100K.  Even came in ahead of Mr. Pony Express, Karl Meltzer.  Eager to hear all the details.  Congrats, Patrick!  The CO boys are making a damn good showing in the hills of Virginia.  Remember this guy's performance at the MMTR?

Here's the top 10:

2010 Hellgate Finishers
December 11, 2010
1Jeremy Ramsey, 3411:24:20M
2Chris Reed, 38, PA11:48:50M
3Patrick Garcia, 25, CO12:05:18M
4Jason Lantz, 29, PA12:16:14M
5Ryan O'Dell, 25, NY12:19:17M
6Keith Knipling, 3412:22:25M
7Frank Gonzales, 3412:27:46M
8Darryl Smith, 3912:44:28M
9Karl Meltzer, 43, VT12:47:38M
10Jordan Chang, 2312:51:38M


  1. Hells yeah! That is awesome news.

  2. Hey, just stopping by to say hello. Hope your Sunday run went well. So, who the heck does Patrick think he is?!? I'd say a force to be reckoned with going forward!

  3. Great to hear from you, Woody. Got out today for 11 solid trail miles. Foot felt surprisingly good. Waiting until tomorrow, though, to say anything definitive.

    Yeah, PG had a breakthrough race to be sure. Eager to see what happens next! (Ya think he's still going to hide out next season?)