Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve,...Run & Celebration

Took part in a long-standing Evergreen holiday celebration Sunday morning by joining a large group of runners on an outing in Elk Meadow followed by food and drink at Mimi and Gil's house.

Time:  1:45
Distance: 10.06 miles
Effort:  Moderate
Body:  Astoundingly poor
Weather: Sunny and cool

For the last twelve years, Andrew A. has hosted a pre-Christmas weekend morning run and party.  These gatherings, famous in song and story, involve equal doses of tough decision-making (shorts or tights? Meadow View loop or Bergen Peak?), running and noshing.

By 8:30 a.m., a good-sized group had arrived at Andrew's parents place tucked away off a dirt road on the hillsides far above Bear Creek. After a round of introductions and a group picture in front of a PowerBar emblazoned company car, we were off jogging downhill towards a neighborhood access trail that leads into the dog park part of Elk Meadow Open Space.

Preparing to depart.

Our group of 20 or so runners quickly separated into pace and distance groups with six of us off the front and heading up the southern flank of Bergen Peak. The six of us held together pretty well up until the second overlook on the Bergen Peak trail.  As we hit the steeps here, I watched Andrew, Travis Macy and another guy disappear ahead.

For the first time in years, I was reduced to speed hiking twice on this ascent.  I simply had no pep, no nothin'.  Presumably, all the time off of late had something to do with it. I hit the Summit Trail intersection in about 52 minutes.  I decided I'd had enough.  I waited a few minutes for the two runners behind me to catch up.  After letting them know I was heading down, I continued onto the Too Long Trail and jogged it back with my tail between my legs.

I felt a little bit better once I got onto the Meadow View Trail. I picked up the pace through here a bit en route back to Mimi and Gil's house.

Back at the party HQ, a full buffet of breakfast foods, treats and beverages was awaiting. After a plateful of chow and some good conversation, I was off to meet up with the family for some more weekend fun.

Many thanks for Andrew, Chris, Gil and Mimi for hosting this wonderful gathering.  It was really great to connect with such a solid group of Evergreen-area runners. 

Time to start training for next year.

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