Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Washington, D.C. - Short Tempo

Time:  16 minutes
Distance: 2.23 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Good
Weather: Warm & Clear

Had to drop off a borrowed car at a friend's house, then get back to our hotel in time to get to the White House with JP and the kids for a west wing tour. The quickest way to get from Capitol Hill to the hotel near Chinatown was via foot. We were delayed in getting to D.C. from Philly today (East Coast traffic sucks!), so we had no time to waste.

After dropping off the car, I jumped straight into it and ran past blocks of row houses, across the Capitol grounds, down the National Mall to 7th Street and then over to the hotel. Felt great and easily could have gone for many more miles at the low-6s pace I ran the two miles. Too many stoplights and busy streets, though, to keep the pace as consistent as one might like.

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