Sunday, June 13, 2010

In Search of Dirt - Arlington, VA

Time: 1:08
Distance: 8.46 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Good
Weather: Hot & Humid

JP and the kids returned home to Colorado today. I'm still in the D.C. area for another two days for work meetings. Hit the streets for a run around 4 p.m. Spent three or four minutes before starting the run waiting for the Garmin 405 to locate satellites. Finally gave up and set off running. It was a good mile before the watch finally synched up with the satellites and was ready to go. That's the second time on this trip I've had that problem. Need to spend some time on the Garmin site figuring that out.

Anyway, easy run along the paved bike paths here in North Arlington. Explored as many dirt tracks heading up hills along Four Mile Run as I could find. None of them went anywhere, though. Still, even for brief moments, it felt great to be back running on the forgiving surface of dirt trails.

Twas a darn hot and humid day. Very grateful for all the water fountains placed in the small parks along the bike paths. Really wanted to dunk my head in Four Mile Run, but the frequent whiffs of sewage and the knowledge that the creek runs through a large urban area kept me out of the water. Made me think about the fact that many folks think nothing of dipping a bottle in the creek that spills down Bear Canyon in Boulder. I have yet to be that cavalier with water sources, but think nothing of dunking my head in that creek or any other creek in the Boulder area. Another reason to appreciate what we have in Colorado.

Eager to get home and back to altitude. I don't imagine the 10 days at sea level will have a dramatic impact on my performance at the San Juan Solstice 50 next weekend, but it sure didn't help much. Still, it's been a great trip and a heavy dose of U.S. history for jP and CP.

Brandon posted a great preview of SJS50.

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