Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bergen Peak - Meadow View - Troublesome Gulch - Long Run

Time: 3:36
Distance: 21.1 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Fair
Weather: Cloudy & Cool

Original plan was to do a double up Bergen Peak this morning, but the conditions up high were crappy - like frozen mashed potatoes.  Not fun to run on.  (Although a guy I passed heading up did do a double.)  Still a good amount of snow on the summit trail.  Will be some time before it melts out.  I was surprised how much is lingering up top.  

There was one set of tracks from yesterday on the Too Long Trail. The summit trail was well packed, but the frozen mashed potatoes made for such a lousy running surface, I couldn't bring myself to run it again.  

Instead, I returned to the upper parking lot where I started, refilled my water bottle and grabbed another gel, and ran Meadow View to the rec center, then took Troublesome Gulch down to the water treatment plant and returned back via Lewis Ridge Road into Elk Meadow and took the Sleepy S trail back to the car.

Didn't feel very good today. Eager to be done, by the time 20 miles rolled around.

Felt pretty wrecked the rest of the day.

3,228 feet of elevation gain.


  1. Bummer...was hoping things would be pretty well melted out and I could start the regular rotation on Bergen, but sounds like it will still be a while. I'm pretty much over the whole running in snow nonesense...

  2. I hear you. Me too. I was surprised how much snow was left. Good luck at Greenland 50K!