Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday, October 11 - Elk Meadow Open Space

Run: Meadow View Super Loop
Time: 1:10
Distance: 8.84 miles
Effort: Moderate
Body: Good
Weather: Sunny and chilly

The sun finally came out around 4 p.m....and so did I. The long-sought appearance of the great yellow-orange orb in the sky spiked my motivation just before we were to sit down for a chicken curry crock pot special. The fine-smelling dish, cooking since 1 p.m., would have to wait. A run was in the offing...

Ran up Tanoa Road and into Elk Meadow Open Space, near the upper parking lot. Wound around Meadow View to the social trail extension to County Road 65. Looped around here along Evergreen Parkway on Painter's Pause Trail. Took that up the slog on Sleepy S back to the upper parking lot. Retraced my steps home from here.

Decide after a mile or two into the run to see if I could go just hard enough to keep my average per mile pace below 8 minutes. Managed a 7:56 average pace with 1,200 feet of total elevation gain.

A good final run before the trip tomorrow to Italy. Eager to get in a few miles around the hill towns of Tuscany. The inner geek in me is looking forward to seeing those runs on GarminConnect.

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