Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, October 23 - Potomac River Paved Trail

Run: Potomac River Paved Trail
Time: 1:36
Distance: 13.5 miles
Effort: Hard
Body: Good
Weather: Clear and cool

Got into D.C. around 5 p.m. with two things on my mind...getting a bit of work done and making up for skipping out on yesterday's run. The weather in D.C. was a balmy 60 degrees, quite a change from the cold and rainy weather in Evergreen yesterday.

After taking care of a bit o' bidness, I laced up the Crosslites and headed out from my hotel, located near the Pentagon. After a quick jaunt through Crystal City, I found a tunnel under some railroad tracks that led me to the paved path that runs along the Potomac River from Roosevelt Island to Mount Vernon. I picked up the path right at National Airport (I still have a hard time calling it Reagan National Airport) and ran it to and through Alexandria to the 7-mile mark, within about a quarter mile of the new Beltway bridge over the Potomac.

My goal on this run was to run steady, but hard. As noted, I missed my long run on Sunday and likely will skip the tempo run tomorrow due to some planned post-work socializing. The first 7 miles went like this: 7:28, 7:12, 6:53, 6:40, 6:43, 7:04, 7:34. These miles felt pretty good.

When the watch beeped at the seven mile mark, I turned around and did something I am loathe to do...return the way I came. I rarely do out-and-backs, preferring instead to do pretty much anything to avoid retracing my steps. Still, since my only alternative would have been running along busy city streets, a return on the paved path would have to do.

The return 7 miles also felt pretty good, but my energy was flagging the last couple of miles. The return 7 miles looked like this: 7:33, 8:05, 7:04, 6:32, 6:25, 6:37, 9:02 (cool down).

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