Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday, October 2 - Doudy Draw, Boulder

Run: Friday, October 2nd - Doudy Draw and Spring Brook Loop
Time: 56:39
Distance: 7.14 miles
Effort: Tempo on the ups, easy on the rest
Body: Very Good
Weather: Sunny and warm

Hit the Doudy Draw trailhead after work today on an absolutely gorgeous fall day. I'd never run on this bit of City of Boulder open space. Was hoping to catch GZ returning from a planned mid-afternoon run (missed him).

There's some nice variety on these trails, with sections that meander along a now-dry creek bed, some steady climbs, a bit of flat through a ponderosa forest and a few rollers.

Was feeling good today, so I ran tempo on the ups and took it easy on the descents. I started on the Doudy Draw trail and ran it up to the gate that marks the boundary of the Flatirons Vista Open Space parcel.

I returned back down the Doudy Draw trail and picked up the Spring Brook Loop, starting on the south trail and ending on the north trail. Ran a real strong pace up the north Spring Brook trail in pursuit of a mountain biker I saw about a quarter mile ahead. Caught him about 100 yards from the top. It always feels good passing bikers on climbs. Reminds me of the freedom of little gear (and weight) required.

A fabulous 7+ miles in a little less than an hour. A truly great day to be out on the trails. The lighting was perfect.


  1. If you are looking for GZ, watch for a guy wearing a "strap-on".

  2. Hey - I had the wife beater on too. That might be my new racing kicks.

    I cheated a bit today and went up the Eldo road and then did the back door cut in to the park at the stone gateway (just past the post office) (it is a little to the left, off someone's driveway) and then up into Eldo.

    Sorry for the late notice and sorry I missed you. We'll hook it up soon.

  3. Clearly I'm going to have to work on my running attire. Catch ya soon.