Friday, November 16, 2012

The Simple Things

I don't run in the morning very often. Family/work obligations typically get in the way.  I'd have to get up so damn early to get in a run before it's time to herd kids...  But, today, I had to use running as my AT (alternate transportation) after I dropped a car off at the repair shop.

So, I ran home from the repair shop by way of Elk Meadow Open Space. Just an easy cruise, but it was great to be out on a warm(ish) morning. Feels good to have the run done before 9 a.m.  Got to remember that.

The simple things...

Looking up Noble Meadow in Elk Meadow Open Space.
Hoping to sneak out Saturday morning for a few early miles with the crew over at Woody's place.  Two mornings in a row?  It could happen.

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  1. Yeah! Two mornings in a row! Make it three on Sunday. Come hungry tomorrow.