Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Running with Animals (and Pirates)

After a six-mile effort at his school's Fun Run fundraiser this fall, my son has taken a nascent interest in running, so he signed up to join the High Altitude Pirates running club here in Evergreen.  The club is run by the P.E. teacher from one of the local elementary schools. Kids from the high school XC team help lead the Tuesday/Thursday workouts.  And there's junk food after the group runs.

Yesterday, while jP was running with the other kids, I did a few laps at the high school track. Unfortunately, the group run was shorter than usual, so I just had time for a mile warm-up and 2x1 mile at just under 6, a whopping one 200m interval and a 400m cool down.  Sigh.

This was my first time at a track in months. The 6:00 pace felt "comfortably hard,"and I was reminded regularly about how infrequently I run a consistent flat route at a quick pace here in the hills at 7,600 feet.  I hope to get in more of this work through the winter.

As jP and I kicked the soccer ball around the sweet turf field, another runner took to the track to get in a bit of exercise.

Elk intervals at the Evergreen High School track
This big feller was busy keeping a noisy harem of cows and yearlings together. They managed to stop traffic on the local road for a good 10 minutes. Great fun to watch.

Next up for jP (and me) is a Thanksgiving 5K. Got to put that Pirate training to work!

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