Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Rare Thing

Wait!  It can't be! The kids have to be in school on Monday, and it's a bank holiday/day off of work?  Really?

I'd heard about days like this.  It's sort of like vacation.

After a bit of work Monday morning at a bagel shop in Golden (couldn't help it...), I headed up Golden Gate Canyon to the state park of the same name.

After paying the obligatory park fee ($7), I headed over to the Nott Creek Trail parking lot and headed out into the cold wind for 14 miles of up and down.

I ran the Mountain Lion, Burro and Snowshoe Hare Trails, tagged the summit of Windy Peak (aptly named on this day) and made one wrong turn (+1 mile).  I didn't see another soul until about a mile before finishing up.

The trails were in good shape, clear in the sunny areas, and covered by an inch or two of dry snow in the shade and on north-facing slopes.

Good day.

Dude's Fishing Hole, on the Snowshoe Hare Trail
View from the summit of Windy Peak.
Atop Windy Peak. Just call me Ray. 
Mountain Lion Trail.
Lots of first tracks today.


  1. Those look like La Sportiva tracks.

  2. Rick - An astute observation...and a correct one.

  3. La Sportivas, aka ballet slippers.

    Great park, I really need to spend more time up there.

  4. I'm very jealous and found myself daydreaming about this at work today. I've been wanting to get back up here to do just what you did. I better hurry!

  5. I decided GGCSP is not one of my fave places to run. There's some great stuff there, don't get me wrong, but for long runs in the foothills, I got to say that I'll take Pine Valley Ranch/Buffalo Creek over GGCSP.