Thursday, January 20, 2011

Twas a Cold and Blustery Day...

Easy loop through the Soda Creek 'hood, that is if you don't count the freezing 40+ mph wind gusts.

Time: 48 minutes
Distance: 5.44
Effort: Easy
Body: Average
Weather:  Clear, windy and cool

Crammed this one in between work deadlines. Jogged with Steve F. on a mix of dirt and paved roads through the Soda Creek subdivision. Good hills in here, and it's always nice to not have to run on pavement. Just wasn't in the mood to run on snowy trails at Elk Meadow today.

Had to run head-on into some serious winds while cruising west on a couple of roads. Brutal. Snow felt like sand as it pelted us. Temps were pleasant when we were in the sun and out of the wind. Would have been happy to be wearing tights. Legs (and other things) got mighty cold when the wind was blowing.

Evergreen elk heard was grazing in Elk Meadow Open Space this morning. Stopped to snap a couple of pics.  I love it when this many animals hang together in the meadow. Reminds me of the Great Migration of the Serengeti (threatened by a proposed road, by the way).

Evergreen elk heard grazing at the base of Bergen Peak in Elk Meadow Open Space

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