Friday, October 22, 2010

Elk Meadow - Meadow View - Again...

Easy, and despite the drizzle, a very enjoyable run through Elk Meadow this morning.

Time: 57 minutes
Distance: 6.55 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Good
Weather: Cool and drizzling

I had a feeling yesterday that a better run was due, and it came today. Thankfully. Met Steve F. at the lower lot at Elk Meadow. We ran an extended version of the standard Meadow View loop, adding on a social trail half-loop on the north end of the open space. Our conversation today ran the gamut from Montana conservation to the the Colorado governor's race. Good stuff.  Time flew by, which made neither of us even notice the steady drizzle.

The aspens in the drainages coming off Bergen Peak are still bright yellow. They might survive until Halloween. Let's hope there's no major snow below 10,000 feet between now and then! Tonight will be a true test.

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