Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alderfer-Three Sisters - Easy

Bailed on the BBMM today to put in some quality time at home. Got out for an easy five miles late.

Time: :44
Distance: 5.12
Effort:: Easy
Body: Average
Weather:  Sunny and Warm

Spent the day hanging out on the home front. Carved pumpkins with jP and CP. Took jP to the grand opening of the new Golden Bike Park. Spent a couple hours riding the tracks, jumps and obstacles. Great facility, right on the southeastern edge of North Table Mountain. Very cool.  jP even scored a comp pair of Native sunglasses from one of the sponsored riders hanging out.

Had planned on running the Boulder Basic Mountain Marathon social run, but the desire to hang home combined with a suddenly worsening case of chronic plantar fasciitis in my left foot made the decision easier (slept in the boot last night), although I'm sure I'll second guess things as the blog write-ups start appearing.  I think I'm due for a return to the PT for a painful session or two on the foot. I gritted my way though a pair of sessions last year around this time and emerged with an 80 percent or so improvement. Not sure why it's gotten bad again. Need to noodle on that.

JV already has a post up about the BBMM. out for a very pleasurable evening run in the local Alderfer-Three Sisters Open Space park today. Ran the outside loop, starting at the upper lot. Ran the Bluebird Meadow, Burberry, Mt. Muhy, Sisters and Pondersosa Trails to complete a really nice loop back to the upper lot. Perfectly still out there tonight in the waning sunlight. Felt really good just to be in the woods and moving briskly.

If the foot holds up, I will try and hit Centennial Cone first thing tomorrow a.m.

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