Friday, October 12, 2012

Gateway to the West

I spent the bulk of the week in St. Louis at a work meeting. Got out for a couple of runs from our downtown hotel.  A few pics from the week.

Wednesday: 4.5 miles. Squeezed in a quick run from the hotel over to check out the 630-foot tall St. Louis Arch. The last and only time I saw this was when we drove the moving truck from Washington, D.C. to Colorado. It was neat to see it close up. I had some fun w/ the iPhone camera trying to get some neat angles and trying to capture the sun striking the silver arch.

The St. Louis Arc

Thursday:  12.25 miles on North Riverfront Trail, which is part of the Great Rivers Greenway network of St. Louis trails.  This bike path starts near the river adjacent to a massive and really cool old brick power plant. It travels through some really industrial areas. The Missouri River through this part of St. Louis is very much a working river. There's little open space, aside from some patches of trees along certain parts of the river. I ran about 5.5 miles down the trail. I did spy a bit of wildlife, such as a trio of turkeys scurrying into the tall grass in one green area about five miles in.

That said, it was interesting to run past all the heavy industry...the scrap yard...the (smelly) water treatment plant...the fertilizer piles...under the conveyor to railroad trestles, etc... A totally different experience from my typical mountain trails.

The start of the bike path:

The start of the bike path by the old power plant.
No hill or altitude training on this day!
Ran through a lot of this kind of stuff. Note the flood wall on the left.
You can't keep nature down too long.
At last...a bit of green. This is about where I saw the three turkeys.
Always fun to get out an explore a new place on foot.


  1. The Arch is a wonderful structure, I'd have been there taking pictures too. I think I went up in that, as a kid.

    It's amazing that the whole interior of America doesn't rise more more than a few hundred feet above sea level -- except for the hills.

  2. Sweet. This sort of thing is right up my alley. Love the getting out and finding the places in the places. Well done.