Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Six-Mile Run to Remember

Yesterday, my son's school held a little fundraiser. Kids got pledges for each quarter-mile loop they ran at a nearby park. I took an early lunch and joined Jack on his run.  He ran, pretty much non-stop, for six miles in about an hour.  That was, by far, his longest run ever.  

He was having so much fun.  "This is awesome, dad!"

I ran about 5.5 miles with him, and served as his crew, handing him water and offering encouragement, along the way.  Great day.

He raised about $300 to help support the school.

Round and round we go.
He had some sore quads this morning.  "Dad, do your legs ever hurt like this?"

Oh yeah!


  1. You better have outkicked him at the finish.

  2. I'm going to research the race rules to find out if muling was allowed.

    Jack must of been lovin' running next to you with your LT100 shirt on!