Sunday, September 2, 2012

Interesting Leadville 100 Data

Andy over here at Pb Runner crunched some Leadville 100 data and provide me with my place numbers at each aid station. There's no hiding my meltdown from Twin Lakes to Winfield. 

MQ: 136th
Fish: 100th
Half Pipe: 88th
Twin: 90th
Hope: 148th
Winfield: 150th
Hope: 179th

Twin: 149th
Half Pipe: 144th
Fish: 140th
MQ: 119th
Finish: 102nd

As Andy noted when he posted this info, there's some minor discrepancies in the data (I actually finished in 104th place).

Using just this data, it appears I was holding my own up to Twin Lakes, getting there in 90th place. Then the super bonk happened on the climb up to Hopeless (I then laid down in the soft grass at Hopeless for a good bit). I lost a whopping 58 places, then two more on the descent down to Winfield. I then proceeded to sit in a chair (whining) for 45 minutes, losing another 25+ places.

I picked up a bunch of places on the jog back to Twin Lakes from Hopeless, but it was between Fish Hatchery and the finish where I started to claw back some places...from 140th to 102nd.

Thanks, Andy!


  1. But look how well you did on the way back!

  2. I was thinking about running Mt. Evans and came across your run report--I mean the run that began on the Chicago Lakes Trail, thence to Summit Lake, and then down. On the map I have, the Chicago Lakes Trail does not continue up to Summit Lake; it seems that from your report, the trail does continue. I wanted to see if this was correct, or if you had to make your own trail. Thank you for any information you can provide!
    Ted Z.

  3. Ted - There is a trail from the second (upper) Chicago Lake. It's a decent track, and has been flagged, but not formally constructed. You'll have no problem finding and following the trail.

    One thing to check on...I heard there's a lot of trees down between Echo Lake and the road that leads up to the Idaho Spring reservoir. I haven't been over there this summer, so I don't know the status. I was in another part of the Mt. Evans Wilderness early this summer and spent a brutal 4-5 hours getting through a massive blowdown. See here:

    If there are trees down in that area, you could always make your way up on the reservoir access road.

    Happy hiking.

  4. Thanks! That's just what I needed to know. Ted