Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Along with cooler temperatures and yellow aspen leaves, fall brings to Evergreen bull elk and their harems.  Here's a collection of pics of a few of the herds I've spotted around town the last couple of weeks.

And, there's something primal and, at the same time, soothing about hearing the bugling call of bull elk during the rut.  That sound seems to echo through the hills up here.

Next door to the Evergreen Library 
At the entrance to my neighborhood.
At the Hiwan Homestead Museum
Same guy at the Hiwan Homestead Museum


  1. Wow. How close did you get for that last shot? Big fella...

  2. OK...I'll tell you, CB, but don't tell anyone else. He was grazing about 15 feet from the edge of a parking lot. I was in my car. Took the picture w/ my phone.