Monday, January 30, 2012

The Week That Was...January 22-28, 2012

A great thing about having a hobby, such as running, is that you get to learn a whole new set of acronyms. Acronyms are great. They enable a sense of elitism, or clubbiness. They confuse the uninitiated. And, they allow us to further render unintelligible the English language. So, let's try a few out:

HR (two meanings to this one)
PB (two meanings to this one, too)

...and so on.

The beauty of acronyms is that they are endless. There's always a new one to learn. In recent weeks, I've learned a new one, and one I sure as hell wish I had no cause to discover:  ITBS.

Yep, iliotibial band syndrome.  In other words, that damn thing that's making the outside of my right knee ache when I run.  As such was my week...

Monday:  Easy - 5.75 miles in the dark on the Custis Trail in Arlington, VA.

Tuesday: Speedwork - 9 miles. Hit the Washington & Lee High School track in Arlington, VA. This great facility is about three blocks from my organization's office. The plan was to do a ladder workout (400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400). Through the first half of the ladder I felt like I was flying. Worked my way up to the mile and run it at about 5:39. Everything was feeling great. Running hard, but not redlining. No doubt about finishing the workout without dropping off. Then, about halfway through the second 1200, the right knee started a-hurtin'. I pulled up 2/3 of the way through the 1200 to stretch and chill. Got mad...then got going again. Did two more 400s (each around 70 seconds) and called it a night. Jogged back to the hotel. Frustrated to feel so good fitness-wise, but end up hobbling.

Washington & Lee High School Track in Arlington, VA
Wednesday:  Off

Thursday:  Off - went to see a PT guy in Boulder about the ITBS. He did a bunch of ART (another acronym! - active release therapy) and used KT (another!) tape to try and tackle the problem.

Friday:  Off

Saturday: Long(ish) 16.53 miles. Early morning run with JY, WA, CB and JZ from Matthew Winters Open Space through Red Rocks, along the Hogback, a lap around Green Mountain (Lakewood) and back to the Hogback and Matthew Winters. Great time running with some great guys. Knee was solid until the descent down Green Mountain. Let the others continue on and walked the climb back up the Hogback on the Zorro Trail. To my surprise, those that didn't have a pressing time commitment waited at the top of Zorro and marched the rest of the way back with me. Good guys.

Will keep at the stretching, icing, rolling to address the ITBS. And, will, of course, take it as easy as is required. I'm also going to try some deep tissue massage to see if I can get things loosened up in the hips and legs (ouch).  Moab 55K in February is looking dicey at best.

Crap...that's another acronym - DNS. I hate that one.


  1. Love looking at that track shot. That place is awesome. Just exudes energy.

    Hating that you are not feeling great with that ITBS.

  2. Long sessions on the roller have helped my "journey" with the IT band - painful at first, but once you work that gristle out, the sessions are more manageable. Some of that hip/core stuff on the Myrtle routine that GZ posted helps too. Just steer clear of IBS - not a good running buddy ;-)

  3. Funny thing w/ me and the roller...I can do it all day and it doesn't hurt. Still, I'm doing it, along w/ a bunch of hip mobility exercises to try and get things loosened up. Ice, too. Headed to the House of Pain (deep tissue massage) late this afternoon.

  4. Any luck getting relief? Seems something like ITBS should have an easy fix by now, but its nagging qualities are as CB states, a PITA. Hope we can get a TURDs run on the calendar after Moab.

  5. Acronyms rule. The right knee is definitely sending out an SOS about the ITBS. Patience.