Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blowing in the Wind

Man...that was one hell of a windy night. I was awoken multiple times as violent wind gusts rocked the house. I could actually feel the house flinch as I lay in bed.

92 mph wind gusts in Boulder.

The wind drove me to the rec center treadmill Wednesday late afternoon for a bit of monotonous fun. Six miles at one percent grade (2 miles @8:00; 1 mile @5:52; .5 mile @8:00 recovery ; 1 mile @5:49; 1.5 miles c/d). The second mile repeat hurt something fierce. Was literally counting footsteps the last 3/10ths of a mile to assure myself I was going to hold on. Was wasted for the last 1.5 miles. Not a great run, but glad to have gotten in a couple sub-6 miles, even though they were hard. Lingering effects of Saturday's long run?

Followed up the running with three sets of Romanian deadlifts, kettleball swings and a mad dash to pick up the kids on time from school.

Oh, and (knock on wood) not a peep from the right knee. Fingers crossed.

Looking out the office window here in Boulder at mid-morning, it looks like things have calmed down substantially. Thinking a jaunt up Sanitas might be in order late this afternoon.

Jogged from the office to the summit of Mt. Sanitas. 6.38 miles; 1:09 roundtrip; 1,571 feet o' elevation gain. 21:38 from trailhead sign to summit marker. Lots of hiking. Trail conditions were near perfect, just a bit of wetness here and there. Lots of people out, and dressed as if it were May, not January. Beautiful day!

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