Saturday, August 6, 2011


The nerve damage healing continues...bit-by-bit, cell-by-cell, myelin bit-by-myelin bit. Too bad the body doesn't piece things together as quickly as they can be broken.  Still, I'm getting out for pretty regular runs, missing a few days here and there due to intense scheduling challenges of late.

I formally gave my notice to the Pikes Peak Marathon folks that I was out for the year and would etch my first DNS down there. My running streak for those races ends at four years. Got a nice note back from Matt Carpenter. I replied asking what his race plans were. Not surprisingly, the e-mail exchange ended there. Guess we'll have to wait 'til race day to see if he toes the line yet again. I hope so.  Matt's been sighted running hard up the Barr, we'll see.

Most of the runs of late have been local, but had a couple highlights in the last week, including a beautiful circuit in the Mt. Evans State Wildlife Management Area and adjacent Mt. Evans Wilderness Area.  This run was just a bit over eight miles with 1,577 feet o' elevation gain on a very hot day.  Fortunately, all the creeks and springs kept Maya sated and ready to roll.

Making our way through a meadow on the Indian Creek Trail

These trails don't get much traffic

A bit of shade in a park-like meadow in the Mt. Evans State Wildlife Management Area

Take your pick.


Sublime II

Bear Creek ain't just for bears
Thanks to another challenging day schedule-wise yesterday, I ran my first double in many moons...three here (Mt. Vernon/Beaver Brook) and there (North Table Mountain).  Each run was just over three miles with a combined total of about 1,300 feet o' elevation gain.  And, man, it was hot!

Hard to believe this is so close to Golden/Arvada.

Looking east with downtown Denver in the distance.

Brand-spanking new single track on the mesa top. Still has the tracks on it from trail-building equipment.

The flowers are digging all the afternoon rain showers.
Heading out for a week of travel. Hoping to get in some miles in the mountains of Western North Carolina.


  1. Ack - hope the heat breaks for you. I suspect it will be plenty hot in the Carolinas.

    That dog of yours is hard to look at without smiling.

  2. i want to go on a nature track again. its good to appreciate nature.