Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pins & Needles

Update:  The project has ended earlier than expected.  See Bill Wright's post about halfway down this page on

I was at dinner last night with a group of friends who were full of questions about my 26-hour jog/hike at the Leadville 100 a couple weeks back. They were genuinely impressed with the fact that I moved myself that far over that terrain. They asked why I didn't talk more about it...what I didn't tell many folks I was running the race. They said I was humble.

While I am definitely proud of the fact I completed a 100-mile race, it pales in difficulty and required endurance to the project Homie is now in the throes of.  

How can one not be humble about a single 100-mile race finish when one knows what Homie is trying to do out there?

Read Bill Wright's hair-raising and anxiety-producing updates here.

Go, Homie, go!  We're all pulling for you and the whole support team!


  1. (smile)

    I have the same sort of issue. We all do. Run a marathon and then you have to explain to folks how the elites do it at a pace that we couldn't hold for much more than a mile. Do a 100 and you have to tell people how there are folks who do it over 33k of climbing or in 11 hours.

    I feel like Robin in the conversations. All my friends are Batman or Superman (I'd go Marvel but I can't cross the lines between them and DC).

    1. I hear ya. What I didn't say above was that as we were talking, we were waiting for Jurek to get there. Easy to be humble in the company of the seven-time (in a row) winner of the WS100.