Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Credit Where Credit is Due

For some time now, I've been working a pair of Saucony Peregrines into the running mix. I've really liked the shoe's light weight, minimal heel drop and good looks.  I wasn't too happy, though, with the way they (haven't) held up.  So, on April 9th, I posted this Tweet:

This was the picture the Tweet linked to:

Almost immediately, I got a reply from Saucony asking for a direct message with my contact info.  They wanted more information.  After a week of waiting, and straightening out some confusion on Saucony's end with their direct messages, I got a reply:

Wow. That's customer service.

I got the shoes yesterday. A brand new pair of Saucony Peregrines. The new version has some reinforcement in the areas that blew out on both shoes of my last pair.

Can't wait to try these puppies out.
I haven't had that kind of responsive customer service in a while. It's not as if the original pair of Peregrines didn't have some miles on them. They did. Kudos to Saucony, though, for being stand-up and offering a replacement pair with minimal hassle. I wish other companies were as responsive.

Anyone have any similar experiences with running/outdoor companies?

On another topic, I must admit to occasionally having thoughts like these.  In fact, yesterday after a 9-mile run (with a summit of Mt. Sanitas in the middle) followed by a massage table pummeling at In Motion Rehabilitation, the question:  "What the hell am I doing?" did fleetingly cross my mind.


  1. Been working my 2's in now, 100+ miles and only small wear on the tread, upper is waaaay better. However, you see that plastic piece that skirts the midfoot? It's part of the rockplate and really stiffens that portion of the shoe, so I cut it off, much better now. Also, I replaced the insole with a thinner one from a pair of Inov-8's because the stock one was just too thick, made the heel too shallow IMO. If only I was a billionare, I'd just make my own damn shoes how I want them.

  2. About to head out now for a run in the new kicks. I'll check the midfoot plastic piece. Didn't notice it when I walked around the house in 'em.

  3. How 'bout a report on the #2 soon? I am on pair number two of the first version. As for service, Montrail replaced two different pairs of Masochists for me - no questions. Good to see you logging miles again ;-)

  4. Very cool! Score one for social media. Nice job, Saucony.

  5. Good stuff. I can't remember, have you tried the Xodus? It's a bit wider and beefier. But maybe it's too heavy for a fast guy :)

    BTW, I don't know if you ever checked out access on the west side of Mt. Morrison, but I you were wondering about it a while back. I was up in Idledale the other day, and drove up to check out the road up to the top of the mountain from the west. Unfortunately it's got an electronic gate with "private property" and FCC warnings on it. Guess I won't be doing a loop route over the top of that mountain...

    I did find out that Grapevine Rd connects Hwy 8 with 70 however. Might be a fun mtb ride connector.

  6. mtnrunner2 - I loved the Xodus 3 but the hard plastic heel gave me a HUGE blister and I returned them. The ride of the Xodus is much much much better and I didn't notice the weight at all. If they fix the heel (perhaps just using the same build as the Peregrine), I'd switch and buy a million pairs.

  7. I've got like 300 + miles on my Peregrines 1. Absolutely no issues with them blowing out like that. No signs of them tearing either. The shoe overall is still in great shape. I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't had a problem with them. Hope the 2's work out great for you.