Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Adventure Racing and Winning

The whole P. clan made it over to the Evergreen Fire & Rescue admin building yesterday evening to hear world-class adventure racers and Evergreen residents Mark and Travis Macy give a talk as part of the Mountain Area Land Trust's Armchair Adventure series.

Crappy pic of Travis (center left standing) and Mark (far left) Macy at MALT event

Mark and Travis gave a great talk, with really great father/son banter. Both of them had great stories about specific races, and the life lessons they've learned along the way.

Funds raised through donations and tickets to the event benefit the land trust, which is working to protect important lands from the foothills to Fairplay.  Great organization.  Please visit MALT on Facebook and "like" them.  Here.

And, CP and JP both ended up big winners in the raffle at the end of the event.  Both took home $110 gift certificates to Merrell.

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  1. Father and son in a race, Wow what a sweet bonding. I remember also before when I join a race and I invited to join that race also. Good job to you guys.