Monday, February 20, 2012

The Week in Review February 12 - 18, 2012

Still nursing the ITBS problem, so I'm taking it easy by doing some cross-training and limiting my self-locomotion to a quick hiking pace.

Sunday - 1.5-hour Bikram yoga session with JP.

Monday - Green Mountain - hiked up Ampi-Saddle-Green in 42:26; down via one of the Flatiron access trails (need to learn which is which).

Tuesday - 1.5-hour Bikram yoga session - great, hot yoga session with JP. A real Valentine's Day treat!

Wednesday - Bergen Peak - squeezed in an out-and-back hike between work/family obligations from the upper lot at Elk Meadow Open Space to the second overlook on the Bergen Peak Trail.

Thursday - Bear Peak - hiked to the summit in about 53 minutes via Fern Canyons from the Cragmoor Trailhead. Lots of drifted and unconsolidated snow on the stretch from the saddle to the post below the summit. Made first tracks through the drifts.

Friday - Off

Saturday - Bergen Peak - took both dogs (Cisco's first semi-extended outing) and hiked/jogged from the upper lot at Elk Meadow, up the Bergen Peak Trail, to the intersection with the Summit Trail. Returned the same way...about 7 miles. Cisco did great.

Perfect snow conditions on the Bergen Peak Trail
Looking west to Mt. Evans (just visible through the trees) from 1st overlook
I forgot the GPS watch for most of the hikes this week, so I didn't even bother to try and guess mileage. Just don't really care about such things right now. Most interested in holding onto some fitness as the ITBS runs its course.

It seems that I'm able to run uphill OK and without any pain. I experimented a bit Saturday heading up Bergen Peak. This morning, after about a 3/4 mile hiking warm-up, I jogged up the Bergen Peak trail to the Summit Trail intersection. No pain. Hiked the downhill, mostly.

Much to my surprise, I am actually enjoying the hiking. The climb up Bear Peak on Thursday definitely was a highlight. I think I like the consistent pace/effort one can put into a hard hiking effort. You just don't cross as aggressively into the red zone as you might while running, I guess. Plus, I had that climb all to myself, there was no wind and the late afternoon lighting was gorgeous. All the right ingredients for a spectacular outing.

All that said, I am so ready to run hard and fast.

Finally, a big congrats to Woody, Joe and Todd G. for their great runs at the Moab Red Hot 55K last weekend. Great job guys!

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