Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 - Mt. Sanitas

Run: Office - Mt. Sanitas Summit
Time: 1:08
Distance: 6.38 miles
Effort: Easy - Hard - Easy
Body: Poor
Weather: Warm and clear

Headed out mid-afternoon from the office, located near Spruce and Folsom in Boulder, bound for the summit of Mt. Sanitas.

Sitting at my desk, I was mentally ready for this run. I envisioned light footsteps carrying me up the many rock stairs on the Mount Sanitas Trail. Once I got outside and started running, an alternative physical reality took over. By the first block, I could tell today wasn't going to be one of those magical running days where everything just feels right. The legs were heavy.

I took a round-about way through the streets to the base of Sanitas, hoping a few hills and a few flats might miraculously put some pep back into the legs. After 18:15 of warm-up, I hit the split button on the watch at the trail sign pole near the Sanitas picnic shelter and took off up the Mount Sanitas Trail.

Through the first series of steps and steeps getting around to the west side of Sanitas, I thought I might have found the missing pep, but, alas, twas not to be. I soon was in the red zone and the pep was rapidly diminishing. After the first flat-ish section, I was feeling downright lousy.

Kept my eyes off the watch and moved as best I could. Hit the summit sign in 19:51. Not awful...but not what I was imaging while sitting at my desk. By comparison, Peter Bawkin's FKT site says Rickey Gates ran it once in 14:38. Bill Wright's FKT site has Scott Elliot at 14:40. My best is around 18:20. There's a hell of a long way from 14:38 to 18:20. Would love to watch someone dash up that trail at a sub-15:00-to-summit pace. I just wonder what that looks like...

Still, what a day! It was warm enough to run shirtless. Lot's of folks out on the trail.


  1. Nice! I still need to break 20. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. Good luck! The trail was in perfect condition. Not a lick of snow.